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Founded in 1999, ViVio provides customized content and publications (magazines, websites, videos, etc) to numerous companies, mainly in the health and well-being sector, but also in the corporate and business domain with its Subsidiary ELIXIS. 

In addition to its role as content provider, ViVio also publishes guides, websites and leaflets for patients, doctors and pharmacists, always working in collaboration with health professionals. 

In 2010, ViVio launched MediPedia, Belgium’s first internet encyclopedia of medical conditions; this platform brings together more than ninety topic-based sites covering many different illnesses. In addition, ViVio is the advertising agency for the consumer website e-santé.be/e-gezondheid.be. To achieve excellence in medical and corporate communication, ViVio has assembled a team of talented journalists and graphic and web designers.

Avenue Gustave Demey 57
1160 - Bruxelles